Monday, April 28, 2008

The show

It was a wonderful Saturday. We got there early to set up and I had my first sale before the show officially started.
About mid-morning two ladies came through asking a lot of questions. I didn't realize until later that they were the judges. They came back twice before the event chair stopped in to tell me to be at the stage at 3:30. When we gathered at the stage (12 artists in all) we did not know which award we were getting. In addition to 10 Best in Category awards, there were the Best Booth in Show and Best of Show awards as well. By the time my name was called, there were only 4 of us remaining.
I've never won an award like that before. Yes, I entered art competitions in highschool, and got 2nd place ribbons or honorable mentions. This was different. I didn't go with the intention of trying to win. I was just trying to show what I enjoy doing and share it with the public.
Sunday got off to a great start for me again, despite the drizzle. One of my customers from last year had gotten the post card I had sent and came looking for me. He purchased some of my new large rice bowls and a few sake cups for the people who own the winery down the road.
This photo shows a closer view of my Sunday set-up. The blue bowl is one of the large rice bowls, just minutes before it was sold.
If you are interested in any of my porcelain, please feel free to contact me at
The photos I tried to take of individual items at the show did not turn out well. I will need to take more and try to post them here soon.

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