Friday, April 18, 2008

Here is a photo of my small rice bowl.

I have used some colored glazes on the inside and left the outside bare.

I work hard at getting the porcelain as smooth as possible. To me, pottery is very tactile. Most people looking for pottery pick it up and feel it's weight, running their hands across the surface. I try to get mine as smooth as silk.

I use glazes with some interest in them. Solid opaque glazes are not my thing. I like speckles and reactions in the glazes. I also look at the microwaveability of them. Most people have a tendancy to re-heat their coffee, tea or cocoa in the microwave. I don't want to use glazes that may damage the microwaves. I purchase my glazes rather than take the time to formulate my own. I have done that before, but I have so little time to devote, I'd rather have it be in creating rather than testing.

Regina commented that she linked people to my blog, she has a fun blog herself at . In it she shares her creativity as well as some of our sister Sue (the oldest sibling). Of particular interest is her 'Turtle of the Day' series.

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Jo Hoffacker said...

Hooray for the blogging!!!