Sunday, July 27, 2008

My samples are posted!

A couple of months ago, I sent some photos of cards I made using a technique from one of the companies we feature at our store. They emailed me back to see if they could post them on their web site. I have periodically checked to see if they were up yet, and they are now! They did not put my name up there, but listed the store.
They are
here. This sample is not one of them... I designed this one after emailing the photos.
*Note, when you go to their web site, click on the Retail site link, then click on the card samples link in the band across the top. Finally, click on Sample Set 12. Those are all my original creations, the other samples they have posted are fabulous too!

I'm still here

I have been pretty busy lately with teaching classes at our store, teaching a clay class at the Clemson Arts Center for their summer Kids Camp and just trying to get my things organized. That, along with working full time and pulling a few of my things together for inclusion in a members show at the Blue Ridge Arts Center. I have missed posting, but I have no photos to add, and I know you all like photos to look at. Next time.
And I will show a photo of the completed re-arranging/organizing of my work space... I promise. I figure if I promise, it will give me more incentive.
I hope everyone is having a great July.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I had said that my week off from work was to include a big cleaning project. Well, I was cleaning out several years accumulation of stuff I no longer use or need. It was taking over my life.
I am happy to say that despite years of procrastination, it feels good to get rid of the junk. It took several years to accumulate, and is taking some dedicated time to 'decumulate'.
Pictured here is my drying table. It is actually a gorgeous spring-leaf kitchen table with opaque cobalt glass inserts. A little of the glass shows to the left of the table. It served as my kitchen counter in the small cottage I lived in last. I have another table I use for my casting.
Well, off to sort another box, Monday is trash day.