Monday, April 21, 2008

creativity is in the blood

I know that I have been talking about the creativity among my immediate family, but I need to show how that creativity is in the blood.
In July of 2005, my neice got married. Terri's son was the ring-bearer. At the time, he was 5 1/2. At the rehersal, he didn't want to reherse. 'Mom, I know how to do it!' Instead, he sat in the church and drew this picture of the wedding. Remember, this was the rehersal, and yet he has the bride & groom in full wedding garb, as well as himself in the picture.
His mom is a very talented illustrator and at one time had her own rubber stamp company where she designed and manufactured them. When she moved back to the US from the UK, she gave up the company. She continues to do incredible illustrations. The 'Happy the crafting crab' on our store's web site ( ) is one of her creations. The one pictured is a digitised version of a wooden one we have on a message board outside the store.
As he has gotten older (he is now 8) he has continued his love of drawing. And his drawing technique is amazing. I'll have to take some time one day to figure out how to describe it.
My oldest nephew is in Graphic Communications with a degree for Clemson University (4 miles from here) and now works for International Paper in Clemson. His wife also works there and is a wonderful potter.
The others in that generation are also very creative. But when I came across this drawing yesterday, I had to post it. I'll get back to my siblings next.
Speaking of siblings, Bill & his family are arriving sometime today. That is why I wanted to get so much done with my porcelain so I won't seem like I am being antisocial.
Counting today, there are only 4 more production days to go. And work a full time job as well. I will be ready!

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