Monday, June 29, 2009

Art Camp Part I

I know... I have been remiss about posting... one of the reasons is that I was teaching clay at Art Camp last week.
It was the 6 - 9 year old group... there were 11 wonderful kids.
The photos were from Day 4... we made slab-built mugs and then glazed some pieces from earlier in the week.
I had a great time. And I give a lot of credit to my trusted assistant/camp counselor - Michael. He sure had a way with the kids...
Tomorrow I go in to load everything into the kiln for firing. With the humidity, thigs were drying slowly. After this week off... I have the 10+ group next week.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beautiful flowers!

This Orchid was given to Terri and I as a 'thank you' for teaching a class. It was in full bloom when given to us about a year and a half ago (I think). The blooms lasted for months, but eventually faded and fell off...
The Orchid came home and spent last summer outside under the gazebo and continued to thrive and grow... and a few weeks ago... it blossomed again! Mom is so tickled... she used to kill Orchids (not on purpose, mind you).
As beautiful as the first blossoms were when Norma & Judy gave it to us, these have a special beauty all there own...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is it June already???

I cannot believe how fast the time goes.
I have a batch of stoneware that will be firing the end of this week... I am being extra sure that they are dry from glazing before firing them. I don't have a deadline looming, I just want to get some stock made.
I am getting frustrated with the Ebony Porcelain company... I am looking for updates as to when it will be available again... nothing. I leave messages on the voice mail and send emails but no reply. I think I will mail a hand-written letter this week.
My current goal is to cast Stoneware product until the end of the month of June and then start making a small selection of Terra Cotta product.
I need to make things to fill the void of the Ebonyware...
If anyone out there knows of another source for a cone 6 black casting porcelain... please... let me know... I am having withdrawal symptoms, I have used it for nearly 20 years!!!
Birthday wishes to all of those with June Birthdays... you know who you are... I am trying to be better about sending cards... I make lots of them, but send very few.