Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cookie Man & Bunny

I mentioned that my friend Sharon volunteers at the Rabbit Sanctuary in Simpsonville, SC. These are two of Sharon's bunnies. I don't have a photo yet of the newest addition to the family 'Chessie'. I haven't met Chessie yet. Cookie Man and Bunny are very sweet rabbits. They don't come over and want to sit in your lap, but they definitely want to be around to see what is going on. And once in a while, you'll feel one of them rub against your feet while you're eating dinner.
Having had dogs and cats most of my life, it is a little hard for me not being able to pick them up and pet them. But I respect their particular personalities and don't even try. But if one were to come over and hop in my lap, I wouldn't argue one bit!
Currently, I don't have a pet. Well, I kind-of do. We are co-caretakers of Shadow, a beautiful black cat that belonged to our late neighbor. She left him to my dad, but he has adopted the man who now lives in her house. Shadow is an outdoor cat and has always thought of our yard as part of his home. I put out his food every day, as I have for a few years now, but he spends a lot of time next door. And our new neighbor feeds him too.
To skip to another subject... brother Bill and family arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Sister Sue arrives this evening to visit with them. Sue lives about 2 1/2 hours from here, so she doesn't get to see the MA branch of the family often either.
Off to unload a bisque firing in the kiln...

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