Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's been too long

I could make up all sorts of excuses for not blogging like I used to.  But there is really only one reason: I got out of the habit and it is tough to get back into it.

I work 6 days a week at our store and as much as I love our customers and what we have to offer the world, it is still a lot of energy used and one day to recuperate is not always really enough when there are so many other things that need to get done that day as well.

I try to spend what time I can creating with clay.  Last year I had a wonderful run with some clay angels I was making (I plan to make more).  Each one is different and I can not promise that I can make one to anyone's specifications.  What happens when I pick up the clay is what happens.

All of these have since sold...  :~)
I have also been doing more of the house & pet sitting than I was before.  Right now I have 5 clients (friends & family) that I help out.  Three homes of cats, one of dogs and one with both.  In fact, today I am finishing up at one of the homes with cats and later this week I head to the other.  I already have times booked in July, August & September!  This month alone I think I will only get to sleep at home a total of 7 nights!  Dad doesn't mind, I usually still have dinner with him and I stop in every morning to get lunch together for work.

The extra cash sure helps when I need car repairs and really came in handy when I got sick over Christmas.

Nothing earth-shatteringly serious, just a really bad case of Bronchitis set off by a sinus infection.  I was out from work for nearly 3 weeks and missed Christmas with family.  I was cat-sitting at the time.  That threw me into a pretty deep depression that I am still trying to climb out of.  I have come a long way, but still have a way to go.  All I can say is that I felt nearly totally deserted.  I had two visitors the first week, one from a friend with bags of groceries (thankfully!) since I had run out of food.  I got sick the night I moved in.  I had planned on eating with family for Christmas & the day after.

I learned recently that my niece (well, technically, my late ex-husband's niece) has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Cancer does suck!  But, she is young and has a wonderful family, friend, medical support system.  And, from what I can tell, it was caught early.  I have a package of things I plan to send to her this week.  It is difficult being so far away.

On the creative horizon, I am doing a lot more hand-building these days.  I still love my Ebony porcelain, but I am exploring other avenues. Among the hopeful projects:  Toad Houses, Soap Dishes, more Angels, Santas, Christmas Trees, Buttons, Pendants, and more... at least the creative juices have started flowing again!

Until next time... I will try to find at least five things to be grateful for every day.  For today: 1. My general good health, 2. family, 3. friends, 4. faith and 5. a good station on Pandora!