Tuesday, April 22, 2008


My younger sister, Regina has been collecting turtles for many years. We can't even remember exactly when she started 'collecting', but we know she got a turtle pull toy for her first birthday. My oldest sister, Sue, has become fond of turtles since swimming with a sea turtle on her visit to Hawaii a few years ago.
My friend Linda went to Hawaii in January and brought me back 6 Tiger Eye carved turtle beads. I debated what to do with the beads. Then one day, it came to me. There are 4 of us girls in our immediate family, 2 of whom are especially fond of turtles. I decided to make a pair of earrings for each of them, and a pendant for the other 2 of us. The photo was just before shipping the one pair to Regina in Churchville, NY. I positioned her pair 'swimming' North, and Sue's pair 'swimming' South to Aiken, SC and the ones for Terri and I are in the middle since we are both here. I used copper beads and findings to make them.
I got an IM from Regina this afternoon and she just received them. She said she LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEs the earrings. Sue arrived here tonight and I gave her her pair, she said to add another LOVE to the list so she has 5.
I got a lot of sanding done on my pieces tonight. Tomorrow morning I will glaze. I still need to take some photos before the show... Two more production days to go...

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