Friday, August 16, 2019

Up and running!

Thank you to my brother Rick for checking out the wiring diagram and the kiln and fixing the mistake I made. I am now able to fire the large kiln with no problem. 

The small kiln I have not given a test firing yet.  It seems possibly the tube of the kiln sitter was out of alignment and the sensing rod was getting hung up thus keeping it from tripping the power off. I do not have anything of my own to test fire it with at the moment, so it will have to wait until I can get some things made.

In the meantime, my car went into the mechanic last week.  I have had a whining noise from under the hood for a few months, but the most disconcerting was the new grinding noise coming from the rear axel area.  It sounded like I was dragging a branch.  I did not see anything, but thought it could possibly be the wheel bearing go bad.  I needed the car for a house/pet sitting a half hour drive away. 

I dropped it off on a Thursday morning.  Their schedule was packed with appointments and they had to work me in around them. To get an appointment otherwise was at least a two week wait. I waited patiently to hear back.  They called at about 4:45 on Friday afternoon for me to come by to pick it up (they close ot 5:00).

It was not the wheel bearing (YES!!!), it was indeed a branch caught up in the undercarriage that was causing that noise.

The whining noise under the hood was the alternator and pulley that needed replacing, the alternator was nearing it's end of life. Thankful for the branch making me think it was a bad bearing for getting me to the mechanic sooner than later.

After a brief case of it overheating (a connector to the cooling fan knocked loose) that was corrected on Monday, all is running smoothly.

I am needing to get my hands back into the clay to create! It is my calming and rejeuvenating activity. And, I also need to get product for the store as well as Mistletoe Market.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Kiln troubles

One of the things about creating with ceramic clay is that it needs to be fired in a kiln to finish it. And as fate would have it right now, BOTH of my kilns are off the operational list.

The larger kiln needed a new power cord and had to be re-wired.  I think I made a mistake because it tripped the breaker when I tried turning it on. I have the wiring diagram now and will need to take a closer look at it. 

The smaller kiln is firing things too hot.  That is something I have not had a problem with before.  I may need to replace the kiln sitter tube (it is cracked) and sensor rod.  Both things I cannot afford to replace at this time.  In a couple of weeks when I get paid again, maybe.  Other bills take priority at the moment.

I am looking forward to getting my hands back into the clay, but not until I know that I can fire them.

Meanwhile, I am working on designing cards for classes at The Mercantile.

Keep cool in this hot weather and let me know you were here.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Feeling lost and celebrating a find!

This is one of the saddest days of the year for me.  I used to adore Valentine's Day and celebrating love and romance.  These days, not so much.  I would rather stay at home and eat a peanut butter sandwich for dinner than go out and see all the couples gaga about each other (or at least putting on a good show).

Yes, I love my family and friends, but I have nobody to call my own.  Simply telling it like it is.

OK, enough about my intense dread of this day.

The find is thanks to my sister-in-law Jan.  She noticed a pair of plates advertised by one of the local antique shops in my home town.  She thought she recognized them and posted them to my facebook page.  Sure enough, they were plates that, along with Laurie - another sister-in-law (and probably others as well), I helped produce in 1990 while working for my father-in-law.  My contribution was the decorating.

Long story short - they now belong to me and safely made the trip via USPS.

Friday, February 1, 2019

There's no place like home!

After just over two and a half months, we are back in our house!  We moved back in on the 6th & 7th of January.

The new roof looks and works wonderfully, as do the new gutters.  Dad's bedroom repairs make the room look like nothing happened.

No photos to share. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Today I would like to express my gratitude to all who "adopted" my angels and other items.

I am busily creating more, but have so many things on my plate.  The progress is not as far along as I would like.

I appreciate your patience as I work toward completing them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Glad I wasn't home

Last evening my sister called me at the house where I was pet-sitting.  
She told me that my neighbor came to her house and told her that this big tree had fallen on my house, 
but neither Dad nor I were home at the time.  
Luckily, Dad could stay with a friend for the night and I stayed put where I was.
It put a hole through the ceiling in his bedroom.
They are removing the tree today and the insurance inspector will be by.  
A roofer will tarp it to keep out the rain from the storm we are expecting this afternoon.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

So long Pops

A fond farewell to one of my favorite people on the face of this earth.  My father-in-law Wally Higgins passed away yesterday morning at the age of 92.

Pops was a big-hearted man who rarely was seen without a smile.  He went through so much in his life, more than I can emotionally relay at this time.

Godspeed, may your reunion with your family in heaven be a joyous one.  I will love you always.  Thank you for making me always feel like one of the family.