Thursday, November 24, 2016


I have not had the time to post this last month as I was feverishly producing for the Mistletoe Market.  I can report that the show was a great success again this year with a lot of Angel & Santa Hat ornaments finding new homes.

The ornament display when I had forgotten to bring the Christmas tree...

The rest of the booth.

I brought the tree the second day and placed it on the other table.

I had some great feedback about the ornaments.  Some thought the angels should have bells inside to go with the famous quote from It's A Wonderful Life.  Some thought the Santa Hats should also have bells, jingle bells.  I am not sure if I will do either, but they are not bad ideas.

Here is a close-up of the Santa Hats.

Santa Hat ornaments, introduced 11/18/2016

Thanksgiving was a fabulous day filled with my family and delicious foods.  This evening I am house-sitting & cat-sitting for a friend.  Tomorrow is a long day at work.  Black Friday and we will also be staying open late during the Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Village Green just out in front of our store. 

With all of that going on, the return of kidney stones is not a good thing.  Hopefully they will sit in one spot and not move. 

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving (what is left of it) and a Merry Christmas.  May the New Year bring you peace and happiness.  (I do hope to check in with you before then.)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Here are the finished pumpkins!  Only 4 of them are ones I made, the rest were made by my students!

Sunday, October 23, 2016


I have been busy with a lot of house & pet-sitting jobs lately, but I am trying to squeeze in some creative time in between to build stock for the Mistletoe Market.

I have a kiln load of angels bisque firing at the moment, and included in that firing are some pumpkins!

The pumpkins second from the left in both rows are mine, the others were made by 3 of my students.  I have since made more and will have some available at Mistletoe Market.

A customer came in The Mercantile yesterday and asked if I had a new design for ornaments this year (in addition to the angels), so I am working on a couple of ideas there.  I am also working on some leaf ornament samples for a class I will be offering in a couple of weeks.

I had a scare today while Dad was out, I looked out the front window as a Pendleton Police car pulled into our driveway.  P A N I C!!  It turns out that some kids called 9-1-1 and would not let the operator speak to an adult.  And it was from a cell phone that showed it was about where our house is.  I sent him to a house a couple of doors down where I know they have children.  There aren't many on our street.

So, that is about all I can report on today.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The latest to be completed...

I have been working on creating for stock and for Mistletoe Market again.  Most of what I have at the moment are my angels.

First, what they look like after the first firing but before glazing and assembly (no, the pumpkin and the bowl will not change into angels...):

Once they are glazed and fired again, I add gold highlights and the heads and halos.  There is a hook at the top to hang on a tree if desired, but I have a lot of people say they leave theirs out on a shelf all year round.

9/29/16 update - B3, R1 and P2 have sold.

I do have more I am creating, after-all, I did sell over 200 of them last year (YAY!).

The angels are one-of-a-kind, no two exactly alike.  I create whatever the clay tells me to when I pick it up.  If anyone requests anything the guidelines are: size (larger/smaller - none are over 3" to the top of the ceramic robes), arms or not, and color (from the four colors I routinely offer - Blue, Purple, Red or Green - as shown in photo).  I can also personalize with a name in gold at no extra cost.  Other than that, it is whatever my hands create, I cannot even have people choose wing style, because they are what they are at that moment.

The cost is $20/angel with shipping additional, if needed.

I wanted to update everyone and let you see some of the results.

Off to a new pet-sitting job this evening... an adorable Westie!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Christmas in July Iris Folding

I said that I would show the completed samples of the Iris Folding cards I designed for the Christmas in July class.  Well, here they are!

Well, after seeing the patterns I drew, did you think the cards would look anything like this?  It was so much fun creating these for my students.  I love how they all turned out but, I do have my favorites, which one(s) are yours?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Dad's 85th Birthday

Yes, my Dad is turning 85 on August 15, 2016!

If you are reading this and want to send my Dad a birthday card, 
his name is Bill Earl and you can send it to him through me.  

My address is PO Box 173, Pendleton, SC 29670

I just thought this would be fun to see where the cards come from.

Thank you!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A breakthrough!

After having a gazillion ideas running rampant through my brain, I finally was able to create today.

First, I graphed out the patterns for my Christmas Iris Folding class that is on July 30.  (I will post the samples once they are finished... waiting for some papers to arrive.)
Christmas Iris Folding 2016

 Once I had that finished (Yes, I know the photo is upside-down, Instagram did that to me, and I just left it.), I actually was able to create 6 new clay angels!  In the last several months I have only been able to manage 3 total, so 6 is a really big thing for me!  I do have other ideas swimming around in that grey matter in my head, but this is the first step and the rest will come in time.

Clay Angels 2016!

No, it's not world peace, but I myself cannot achieve that.  It is a big deal to me to break through the creative block.

I had an extra day off yesterday.  We were planning to close the store on Saturday for our trip to Atlanta to the wholesale buyers market.  Terri was wanting to leave earlier on Friday to get to see some showrooms, yet it was not a good idea to have the store closed 2 days in a row.  So, I proposed that Terri, Ben & Phyllis go and I stay home and keep the store open all day Friday while they got an early start.  Our friend Marsha spent the day with me and we had a good day!  It was worth me not going to Atlanta.  Yes, I missed going, I haven't been since last July (I was so sick at Christmas that I stayed home to continue recuperating in January.), but it was the best decision in the long run.  So, what did I do with my extra day?  I spent all the money I have been saving for months from my house & pet sitting.  And I got something that should last me a long time... 55,000 miles... a set of 4 new tires for the Equinox.  I usually have been buying used, but the price was right for a set of new.  Oh, and I also got an oil change.  I know, I really know how to party, don't I?

This week has been a series of emotions.
  • Tuesday marked 5 years since Mom passed away.  Sometimes it feels like she has been gone forever, sometimes I can hear her voice in my mind and almost feel her presence.  
  • On Thursday, my little sister from my college sorority sent me an email because of this blog.  ((( Leslie! ))) I have not been in contact with her in about 15 years or so.  I was so happy!  She is a special lady and hearing from her made my day!  
  • Then, on Friday, one of my best friends through high school sent me a message request on facebook. Another special lady who helped me break out of my shell all those years ago.  ((( Jacque! ))) I have not been in contact with her in over 20 years.  Another day made!  
  • In among all that I sent a care package to my niece Sammy who is undergoing breast cancer treatments.  In it were scarves that Verne gave to me as well as ones his mom gave to me.  I also made her a pair of earrings and sent some other little somethings to let her know I am thinking of her and wish I could be closer.

Well, enough for today, I need to get some other things done this evening.  I am grateful for the break in my creative block :~)