Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pictures or lack thereof

I am trying to add photos of my work, but I am having difficulties, it says there is an internal problem.
I mentioned that my family is all creative (all 6 children plus our parents). A little more on that subject...
Our father is a fine arts major who graduated from the NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. His specialty was ceramics. He eventually began teaching Engineering Graphics (drafting) to Ceramic Engineering students at his Alma mater. He funneled most of his creative work into building. Our mom always wanted to work with plants, but in her generation it was still frowned upon. Most girls went on to become secretaries, nurses or teachers. She went to Alfred State College (a 2 year state school) and majored in Medical Lab Technology. But her love of plants and creativity did not wane. She was/is a phenomenal landscape designer. Our home in Alfred had the prettiest terraced rock garden filled with a vast variety of flowering and decorative foliage. Dad was responsible for the wonderful stone walls that snaked their way through the garden as retaining walls for the terracing. Mom's other gift was her cooking, baking and cake design. She has made some of the most gorgeous, elegant wedding cakes I have seen.
I will talk more about my family's creativeness in future posts. Now I am off to work on my own creativity... I have a kiln to unload.

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