Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of my new glazes...

Here are a couple of pics of one of the new glazes I introduced at this show... I tried it out on both the Stoneware and the Ebonyware Porcelain... it was a hit!
It is difficult to tell from these pics, but it is a mottled blue with greens and browns... I think it looks fabulous on BOTH clays, but that's me. I also sold some of it as well at Celebrate Clayton, which is a good sign.
PS - Can you see the leftover rain drops on the canopy side behind the stoneware mugs? I was one of the lucky ones who did not have any damages or losses due to the storms...

Monday, April 26, 2010

An eventful time...

Mom & Dad spent 10 days on a much deserved and much anticipated cruise to the Panama Canal with her sister Celeste and their friends Joan & Brad from back 'home' in Alfred, NY. While on the cruise, Mom had a UTI and then they called from Customs to have us schedule a Dr's appt. because her cough had gotten worse. Mind you, they still had a FABULOUS time!
Upon their return Tuesday evening, they were greeted by my brother Bill, his wife Miwa & their 2 boys David & Chris who were visiting on Spring Break. Mom's appointment led to having another chest x-ray, which determined that there was no infection in her lungs, hence supporting the diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure.
Wednesday, sister Sue arrived to visit with Bill & family, and to assist with the fabrication of the Connie-Tron and the Earl Arm Support Equipment. Meanwhile, Miwa & the boys came to the store to learn some beading techniques.
All the while, I am in final show prep mode, trying to get all the last minute glazing & firing completed to pack up on Friday afternoon. This, in addition to working in the store all day and helping to teach the final sections of the OLLI classes Terri and I teach at the store.
Thursday, Mom had a wonderful day visiting with family, and then Jeanne, her Lymphedema Therapist and friend came over for dinner and to consult with Bill on the new apparatus he and brother Rick have been working on since Christmas.
Friday afternoon, Mom needed to take a rest. Having half of her diaphragm paralyzed due to radiation damage from 10 years ago, tires her easily. I left about 2 PM, but did not want to wake her. When she awoke from her nap, she was not feeling well and had a fever. After discussing it, they decided it was best the sister Terri take her to the Dr. (Terri is our designated medical escort for Mom... she has a good head for the medical stuff...) Long story shorter, she needed to go to the hospital for IV antibiotics for Cellulitis in her bad arm.
Meanwhile, I got to Clayton, GA, set up the canopy and tables, put the sides down and called home to find out about Mom being sent to the hospital. I stayed in Clayton because there was nothing I could do for her anyway, she was in the best of hands and getting the care she needed. I kept my cell phone with me in case they needed to contact me.
Saturday I awoke to rain... what a way to start a weekend outdoor show! The rain subsided enough for most of the artisans to get their vehicles unloaded and booths set up. Then it was off and on sprinkles for a bit. About 1:30 or so, the RAIN came... and it came some more, and then it was torrential! The event chair came around and said that I had been chosen to win the Best in Show for Pottery & Ceramics but that the awards ceremony for 3:30 was postponed until Sunday because of the rain. They told us we could close up for the day whenever we wanted to.
We went to Dillard House in Dillard, GA for dinner... it was delicious!
The rains continued throughout the night, one customer from Clayton said there was 4" of rainfall at her house.
Sunday morning early (5:30 or so), it POURED!!! But by 7 it was sun-shiny and I went back to the venue to see that my canopy had survived the rains, although some people lost theirs over night. I re-set all my product and then the winds came. I didn't lose any pottery though! I tried to make sure I had things relatively low-profile.
At times I had to hang on to the canopy to make sure it didn't blow away... even with weights on it! The wind gusts were pretty powerful. More vendors lost their canopies or displays to the gusts, we could hear crashing and shattering glass sounds.
I received my blue ribbon and cash prize, and sold a decent amount of product.
And... I got a copy of the Clayton paper which had excerpts from a phone interview I had on Tuesday evening with one of the reporters about the show.
When I got home, I was checking my email and discovered I had won a custom made worry stone from Kelley's Bead Studio.
Mom may be released today, if they feel that her arm looks enough improved. Her fever has been gone, which is good. She is in good spirits and feeling much better.
Thank you to my family for being the wonderful people they are and taking care of Mom. Also, thank you to Phyllis & Renee (friends-who-are-like-family) for helping Terri at the store while Dad recuperated from being at the hospital with Mom til early morning hours. And thank you to Cissy, Marsha & Peggy (more friends-who-are-like-family) who spent the day at the store Saturday having a wonderful time. I love each and every one of you!
And now... as soon as I get my laundry finished... it is off to start the work week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting to watch...

I don't have a picture to share today... just a link to a cool site that shows the ships going through the Gatun Locks in the Panama Canal.  Right now I am watching my parent's cruise ship go through... Panama Canal Webcam  it is so interesting to watch...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The view from my studio

It is a beautiful bright April morning here in SC.  I could easily be distracted by the beauty of all around me... but I have a show in 2 weeks... no time to be distracted...