Friday, May 2, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Savannah

For all of you out there who have loved a pet, this entry is for you.
My dear friend Mike had to say goodbye this morning to his beautiful sweet chocolate Lab Savannah. She had her 9th birthday just yesterday. She has been ill for a few weeks now and the vet has not been able to determine what the problem was. Last night she took a drastic turn for the worse.
She was Mike's constant companion since she was a puppy. She went on the road with him when he was a sales rep. A sweeter, more faithful dog you would not find. And smart - wow - she put some of those 5 th graders on TV to shame!
I wish I had a photo of her that I could post. She was a beautiful dog.
In the last year or so she had become a good friend to me too, always excited to see me.
I could never miss her near as much as Mike does, but I will miss her too.
Goodbye Sweet Savannah, memories of you will live on in our hearts.

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