Sunday, April 20, 2008

Production proceeds smoothly

These photos show the Ebonyware Porcelain in the bisque and the glazed-but-not-fired stages. That is where a good number of pieces are right now. I have a kiln load firing a glaze firing right now. I'll put in another one in the morning.
My kiln is rather small, an Evenheat 810 (I think). I got it when I just needed something small for home as I had use of kilns at work as long as they were not needed for work firings. It is 110. I wish I had a larger kiln, but I don't have the space or budget for it at the moment.
Today was my last day to cast before the show. I still may not finish every piece, but I'll be able to move the molds out of the way to have more space for trimming & glazing. (And I need to take the table to the show...)
I did take a break this afternoon to go to our local bead club meeting The Hole In The Bead Gang. It was a small group today, but we all had something to show for the challenge which was something with flowers.
Jo brought in some fiber and leather scraps. We were to pick a minimum of 2 pieces and for next month, we need to make something using them in the piece. I chose about 6 - 7 pieces of different leathers. I am not sure what I will do, but they 'spoke' to me and the fibers, as beautiful as they were, didn't.
Show anxiety isn't real strong yet, but today is only Sunday, I leave at noon on Friday. I can even unload a kiln as late as 11:45 and bring it with me.

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