Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton: Thursday Giveaway...

There is a fabulous giveaway over on Andrew Thornton's Blog... a wonderful stash of all sorts of beautiful beads... If my luck holds and I win this one, I'll share with the Hole in The Bead Gang friends... I PROMISE!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Power of Suggestion

As I made note on Facebook this morning about the good luck our family has had this year, winning ribbons & giveaways, my dear niece Karen said she wanted to win something.  Then both she and my younger sister Regina said I should do another giveaway... and I WILL!  It will be posted on Sunday August 1st and all of the details will be included...
(The pieces I have won lately from on-line giveaways are a CUSTOM Worry Bead from Kelley's Bead Studio and a beautiful Cut Flower Porcelain Pendant from Marsha Neal Studio PLUS some quilting magazines and fabric that I am giving to Regina (I don't quilt) from Jill)
So, you have been notified warned!

PS - Marsha is having another giveaway on her blog.  Go to Marsha Neal Studio to enter her giveaway!   OOPS!  the deadline has already passed... SORRY!  And - not only has the deadline passed , but I WON AGAIN!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Under Construction...

I am finally able to find a little time to work on my blog design.  I set up several new pages, but am still working on filling them with the content I want.  I'll take a little bit of time, between work, family, creating, and sleep.  I just got photos onto one page, but am having a little trouble figuring out how to add captions to them.
In time, they will be somewhat like I envision...

Floral beauties

Moms collection of flowers

Mom was recently in the hospital for about 5 days.  She is home now and doing much better.
The flowers to the left are the ones she received during this most recent hospitalization.  She has displayed them together on the table in the sun room.  They compliment each other very well.

The lilies from Bobby & Shelly
 The lilies from my oldest nephew and his wife are absolutely gorgeous!  The buds are opening every day.  And the fragrance is heavenly.

The paper flowers were made by my nephew DragonBen and his mom (my sister) Terri. Each piece is hand made, some from punches and some cut free-hand from papers, formed and glued together.  And, at my suggestion, they added glitter to some of the flowers as well!
The paper flowers made by Terri & DragonBen

The pink rose in the bouquet was to remind Mom that her mother (Nana) is looking over her from heaven...
A close-up of one of the paper flowers