My Jewelry

Art Clay Silver (tm) bail for a dichroic glass cabochon

Non-tarnish Brass Wire Wrap with Copper bindings and dichroic glass cabochon

Custom Art Clay Silver (tm) Award Pendant (blurry pic) for the Cancer Association of Anderson

Custom Wire Wrap for Cheryl

Lampwork Glass, pearl, crystal and copper multi-strand necklace

Rivoli Pendant

Custom Wire Wrap of  'Courage' stone for my Mom (blurry pic)

Custom Sterling Wire Wrap for a customer with Rutilated Quartz

My design - Starlight Bracelet

My creation from Sand Fibers pattern for Small Ripples

Viking Braid in Non-Tarnish Copper

My design inspired by Sand Fibers with beaded Swarovski (tm) button

Custom Necklace for my Purple Loving friend Susan

Peyote Scallop - in the new Duracoat Galvanized Miyuki (tm) 11/0 seed beads

Another Viking Braid in Non-tarnish Copper with plated copper butterflies

Picture jasper wire wrapped with Non-tarnish Copper and non-Tarnish Silver

Viking Braid with Green Leopardskin Jasper and Non-tarnish Brass

Not-so-great photo of a set for the Mother of the Bride in Swarovski (tm) & sterling

Red Creek Jasper with Goldstone & Multi-colored jade

Wire & Bead Cuff with 'Chinarovski' crystals

My design - Swarovski (tm) crystal snowflake