Thursday, August 26, 2010

TA DA! The Larger Mug!

Bisqued mugs with glaze Plum and Surf

This morning I loaded up the kiln (well... really only one shelf of it).  I was so excited to finally have finished larger mugs!

First peek!

So... I loaded it up and fired it off before I went into work.  Past experience has proven that this clay body can handle quick firing VERY well.

After work, I went out to the shed and checked to see that the kiln sitter actually did turn it off properly, and it was no longer glowing.  So, I propped the lid open about an inch.  And I went back into the house for dinner.

It was soooooo hard to wait, but wait I did, I gave it til the end of dinner, and then took this first peek photo before closing the lid onto the prop at about 3 inches to cool some more.  Then I checked the quick photo and saw no obvious signs of cracks or excessive warpage.  That is a good thing!

I then waited about an hour for it to cool enough to unload with the kevlar gloves... 

the finished mugs!

It was worth the wait!  The mugs are GORGEOUS, if I say so myself!

In this photo (sorry about the color being so off), I put one of the smaller mugs (a second) to compare the sizes, yet again...

The new mug is a TINY bit (1/8") larger than I had planned, but that is fine with me!  It holds 1 7/8 cups per dinnerware industry standards (to the rim) compared to a cup for the original mug,

I must say, as long as people have been asking for this new mug, I am so glad it is finally here!

My thanks go to a number of people, mainly my brother Bill for getting the beautiful model made for me after my sitting on the drawings for so many years.  My friend Mike needs thanks for helping me get the coddles made quicker than I could have done them by myself (and for pushing me extra hard to get back to making my pottery 5 years ago...).  I also need to thank my ex-husband Verne and my father-in-law Wally for all they taught me about model & mold making and the ceramic industry, without your teaching me, I could not do what I do.  My parents need to be thanked as well for their moral support in my creative process, and giving me a place to live and to create.  All of my friends and family get thanks as well for their support, suggestions and encouragement.  And my customers need thanks too, for liking my work and buying it!


Carol Dean said...

The size sounds PERFECT and I can hardly wait :D These are already wonderful!

Mishkat said...

These are beautiful! My husband insists on that size of mug - and he would really like the way you have made the handle so large (me too!)

MoonRae said...

You're so right, these are gorgeous!! Congratulations!