Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Larger Mug Mold is FINISHED!!!

Despite the heat and humidity, I persevered and finished the mold for the Large Mug...

Measured & marked carefully... secured model to the coddles.

First, There was a lot that went into making this mold... I have taken some step-by-step photos to walk you through it.

Making sure the coddles meet tightly...

Adding the last side with the model attached...

After I had the box made for the plaster to be cast in, it was time to pour the plaster....

The plaster was slowly added to the water and allowed to slake for a few minuted before mixing...                                                                                           

Gently mixing the plaster so as not to introduce any bubbles...

What happens when the plaster is mixed too long... it gets messy!

I don't know where to look in that storage unit for all of my formula sheets to know how much plaster to make... so it was trial and error.  My first pour (besides being too thick) was not enough, so I needed to make more to top it off.  This part of the mold was a waste mold part to help set up for the actual working mold parts.

It cleaned up pretty well!
 After pouring that, I needed to cut some keys (registration) into the waste mold so when the working mold is finished it will fit together properly every time.
The waste mold with keys all set up for the next pouring.

Again, I sealed the surfaces with release and set up the coddles once more...

The new mold part - looks fabulous!

And the pair of working mold parts - FINISHED!

I won't show you the pouring of the second working mold part, it looks pretty much the same...

Here is the completed mold with the model showing them off for us!  

The mold all strapped together and set to dry.

I made my mark!

What to do with left over plaster :~)

Now my mold is complete!  Yay!  I just have to finish the handle mold today (it dries faster) and I can start casting.  

Please, don't put any visions in your head of me doing a happy dance, it isn't a pretty sight!  Which is why I only do one when I am alone!

And, for those of you who know that you NEVER pour unused plaster down a sink without the proper settling tank, what do you do?  I just poured it out on the ground and picked it up after it cured and threw it away!

And, as a side note... today is my Dad's 79th birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!

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MosaicMagpie said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the mold making. I have always been interested in learning to make a mold of different things. Everytime I read about making a mold it seemed so complicated. What is the release material you speak of?