Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another way to enter!

I forgot... there is another way to enter... silly me!

4. Post this giveaway on your own blog and let me know that you have.

**Those of you that have already let me know you are sharing it on your blog have already had that entry logged.  Thank you!

Tonight I will post pics of the 'loot' I have received in the last couple of weeks from the giveaways I have won... the last 2 pieces arrived yesterday (THANKS Marsha!) and I was too pooped to photograph last night.

For now, I will share a couple of really amateur photos of two projects I completed this last week...
Red Creek Jasper, Quartz, Goldstone & Copper

A not-so-great photo of a customization for my youngest sister Regina

1 comment:

Mishkat said...

These are really beautiful, Cindy!

I always have problems photographing jewelry or anything shiny - I think it might require a light box?