Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A little comparison...

Just to let you know the difference in sizing for the mugs...  My original mug, if I don't cast it too thick, holds 8 oz. per the dinnerware industry standards (to the rim).  The new mug is about 18% larger.  Why 18% you ask???  Well, because the porcelain shrinks so much (18%) I was asking a few people over the years how large they'd like the mug.  I showed them the mold for the original mug.  They liked the size it starts out as the finished size.  Wha-la!  That is how I decided to make the larger mug 18% larger.  How much it will hold is an unknown at the moment.  (I should be able to start casting them tonight after work!  YAY!!!)

Original side-by-side with Large...

And, a photo of my nephew DragonBen taken yesterday, his last day of summer vacation before starting 5th grade!

What a face!

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