Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Larger Handle Mold is FINISHED too!!

This handle needed to be about an inch longer than the handle on my original mug.   Otherwise it might not be balanced when the mug is filled with the beverage of choice...  Not wanting to deal with the fragility of carving a new handle, out of plaster, from scratch, I press molded a handle in the smaller mold, then press molded a smaller section and spliced them together.  I used my modeling clay for this process.
The model set up to pour the waste mold
The waste mold with modeling clay keys added

Once I had the waste mold made, and added some modeling clay keys, I was able to set up the coddles and cast the first side of the working mold.

ready to pour!

Then, I had to wait for the modeling clay to cool off after casting the first half of the mold.  The heat from the curing of the plaster caused the model to deform when I removed the waste mold... So we went out to eat for Dad's birthday...

Not too bad... needed a little more work before casting the second part of the mold...

Ready to pour part 2!

this is what the poured side looks like while it is curing!  Almost like watching paint dry...

Waiting to see what the mold looks like... patience!  I don't want to open the mold too quickly, the plaster might not be hard enough... breathe!

When I finally opened it, I noticed some air pockets inside... but they are patchable... and I just want to get a few mugs out of this to see how they work...

OK - it isn't a pretty mold... but it'll work!

Then I strapped it all together and put in in front of the fan to dry... With all of the humidity, I don't know if I'll be able to cast tomorrow evening or not... time will tell...
The set of molds for the larger mug!

And here is a photo of Dad's gift all wrapped this morning...  (A little bit of color to the post, plaster is kind-of boring looking...)

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