Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giveaway & Parsley

Viking Braid in (from top) Non-tarnish Brass, Non-tarnish Silver & Non-tarnish Copper
First order of 'business'... The deadline for my August Giveaway is midnight tonight.  And entries received after that, sorry.  I will choose the winner when I get up tomorrow morning and see if there are any additions to the drawing.  I am doing it by names since I haven't figured out the random number generator thingy yet...
If you want to enter, scroll down to the original post and the 'Another way to enter' post for rules.

The sprouts are thriving!
Next on the agenda is the Italian Parsley plant that was devoured by the Black Swallowtail army of caterpillars this past week.  It is thriving!  There were 4 sprouts visible yesterday afternoon and they look healthy!  All the Parsley needed was a little pruning.  And the result being the possibility that there will be 10 more Black Swallowtail butterflies in our garden is DEFINITELY worth it!

The Basil

And, I did keep a watchful eye on the Basil (every time I snipped some off to add to lunch or dinner) even though it is not on the list of preferred foods for the Black Swallowtail Caterpillar...  And, it looks (and tastes) GREAT!

So, in conclusion, if you have not entered the giveaway and would like to, please do so today or your eligibility will expire.  And, if you should ever see the beautiful caterpillars I did this week, munching away at your parsley, I hope you can let them enjoy their feast.  That is, unless you are growing the Parsley for profit and can't afford to lose any right now...

Hoping you all have a wonderful Sunday.  I have a handle mold to make.!

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Mishkat said...

I'm considering growing parsley just for the caterpillars :) (seriously - plus it is a pretty plant!) It's great that it is coming back - I think the youngest shoots are the best for eating.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway, of course.