Sunday, February 1, 2009

The New "Stuff"

The Stoneware Collection from Higgins Design Studio!
Pictured here is the Sake Bottle & Roly Sake Cups with the Chocolate glaze. The stoneware is called 'Grits' by the manufacturer. I used to use it a long time ago for bells and mugs and vases. The Ebonyware overtook the scene. Lately, I have had requests for something more 'earthy'. I like the Grits and all, but am still searching for a slightly darker speckled stoneware slip to use... what do you think?

The second photo is the Chocolate glaze on the Ebonyware. I am not a big brown person, but I really like the way this looks. The photos of the Crimson and Ironstone didn't come out too well. I'll have to do a photo session with those to add to my photo library.

The show is going OK. It is not a really big show for me, but I do have repeat customers and I do enjoy the people there. I cover my costs and I make some extra, plus have a great time while I am there.