Thursday, January 29, 2009

Show Time!

Tomorrow is the beginning of my first show of the year...
Since my last post, I have found the cone 6 stoneware slip to cast some pieces. It arrived on Monday. Yes, this most recently past Monday! I cast Monday night and Tuesday morning. Bisque fired Wednesday morning and sanded and glazed Wednesday night. The pieces are under a fan all day today (Thursday) and will go into the glaze firing tonight for the show that starts tomorrow! WHEW!
No wonder I woke with a migraine at 4 AM today! Never fear, that pain is gone, thanks to Excedrin. But I am still in that migraine fog that screws with my ability to connect thoughts. And that also affects my typing, the number of times I have to correct weird spelling!
I WILL take photos of the new glazes and new clay pieces at the show. I WILL post them this weekend!
The show is at the Clemson Ramada Inn. The occasion is the Electric City Shag Club's annual Electric Storm. This is a big weekend-long dance party. The proceeds go to charity. For those of you who do not know, Shag is the state dance of SC. It is fun to watch and is danced mainly to beach music. I have seen people dance the Shag to other types of music as well. No, I have not attempted to dance it myself.
The craft show is in the lobby of the motel and is free and open to the public. Michael Craig Designs will be there with his beautiful jewelry and I hear that Tag Team Designs will be there with their diamond plate products as well. There are other vendors as well, but I do not know their names.
I have not forgotten... I WILL take AND post photos this weekend!


Regina said...

What, no dancing for you???? 10 years in SC and I never ventured to Shag, either...

Can't wait to see your new stuff.

Nancy Hellams said...

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