Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keeping busy

No photo this morning, just checking in so you know I didn't fall off the end of the earth... ; )
I have been busy casting and trimming the new Stoneware collection. Since I only have one set of molds, I will cast until I have depleted my supply of stoneware slip before switching back to the ebony porcelain.
Thanks to a friend's help, I will be trying some new decorating ideas. A short time ago, I was someplace and I saw a package of disposable plastic eye droppers. At the time, I looked at them and thought 'neat, but I don't need those'. Well, now I have an idea (which came to me in the middle of a sleepless night) and it requires the use of the droppers. Do you think I can remember where I saw those droppers? NO! I have looked everywhere I can think of. Maybe they were at Highwater Clay but just not in their catalog... They were not at CVS, not at Publix... I can only find them on line at REI, Scouting Supplies, Ward Scientific and other sites like that... Luckily, a friend that is a nurse happens to know that they don't use them at work but they keep them from kits and such. I get some of those today so as soon as I can, I will PLAY!
This Saturday is Valentine's Day. Even if you don't have a sweetheart, let someone you are close to know that you appreciate them.
** Just to let you know, I got the droppers my friend picked up from work... they should be perfect for what I want to do. I am not at that stage of production yet, but I am anxious to try my idea! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Although it still bugs the heck out of me that I cannot remember where it was I saw those...!)

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