Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vacation Get-Away

Well, this wasn't originally a vacation, Dad was taking a class in Oklahoma and we all went along. This photo was taken at the Woolorock Museum.
The only one of us kids not pictured is Regina and she is the one who inspired this walk down memory lane... But she was just a baby and may have been sleeping at the time of the photo. I am the one all the way to the right. My new hair cut is even shorter than that one!
Things I remember from that trip... Remington Bronzes, giant jaw breakers, tortise races, 'Can y'all come out and play?', tornados, watermelon seed spitting contests, many hours in the car travelling from western NY to Oklahoma and back, Howard Johnson's restaurants, 'vanilla please', and that short set (one of 2 or 3) that matched Terri's.
One of these days I need to sit down and scan a bunch of print photos so I will have access to them here. Not just of me in younger years, but some with things I have created over the years.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that picture and bringing back memories. I also remember Rick "stealing" the Indian fry bread, the Indian guide in pink satin and heavy rouged cheeks, "we're falling off the mountain!" and the perils of travelling through Arkansas.

Oh what Regina missed by being so young!!!

Love you............

Regina said...

That's what I need you all for - to remember these great stories that happened while I was sleeping!!!

aoc gold said...
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