Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Since I had dinner with my friend Sharon last night, and I don't have any decent new photos of my Ebonyware yet, I will share another photo of Sharon's bunnies. Here Cookie Man, Bunny and Chessie take a nap. Isn't it cute how they are all snuggled together? Sharon sent me this photo last week.
Today I bring a few pieces to the Clemson Arts Center for the Instructor's show. I will be teaching a clay class to 6 - 9 year olds one week in July for the Kids Camp. The other two clay instructors and I are meeting this afternoon to make sure we have all of the supplies we need and to go over the firing schedule and procedures.
Last week I joined the Blue Ridge Arts Council. They are having a members show coming up soon. Another way of trying to get a bit more exposure for my pieces. If I can get exposure in more venues, hopefully it will build recognition and a following. I have some very faithful customers already, some from the earlier years and some more recent.
I tried selling in a few other shops/galleries, but sold little to nothing. My best sales have been either at a show or at our store.

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Regina said...

We just need to figure out how to get you selling online, too - as I need to place an order for something for Christmas.