Friday, June 13, 2008

The promised photo

These are 3 of my Ebonyware bowls. The one on the left is the large rice bowl, it measures just under 6 inches across and stands about 3 inches tall. In the middle is my candy bowl with a cherry spoon carved by a friend of the family. And to the right is the small rice bowl.
All 3 are shown with the Texture Plum glaze on the inside.
I really get satisfaction from creating these pieces. And I truly hope my customers are pleased with their purchases. I do enjoy meeting them and learning where my pieces are going. I know there are some in Japan, and I think some in Germany. The rest I think are all here in the US, but I may be wrong.
I hope all fathers out there have a pleasant Father's Day. Don't forget to tell your father Happy Father's Day this weekend.

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