Saturday, July 5, 2008


I had said that my week off from work was to include a big cleaning project. Well, I was cleaning out several years accumulation of stuff I no longer use or need. It was taking over my life.
I am happy to say that despite years of procrastination, it feels good to get rid of the junk. It took several years to accumulate, and is taking some dedicated time to 'decumulate'.
Pictured here is my drying table. It is actually a gorgeous spring-leaf kitchen table with opaque cobalt glass inserts. A little of the glass shows to the left of the table. It served as my kitchen counter in the small cottage I lived in last. I have another table I use for my casting.
Well, off to sort another box, Monday is trash day.


Regina said...!!! Is that the same room??????!!!

Higgins Design Studio said...

Yes, it is the same room!
And I am feeling much better about it being more open and all...
I'm just feeling better, period, so I can put my mind to the task at hand.
It still has a way to go... more photos to follow when I can show more space!

aoc gold said...
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