Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This is a photo of my first great neice with her grandfather Don. Don is my ex-husband's brother. This little cutie just turned 6 months old this past week.

I don't feel old enough to be a great aunt, Don is not old enough to be a grandfather, and Mellisa is definitely not old enough to be a mother... but then again, she's in her 20's... I just haven't seen her in person for 10 years or so and can't imagine her being a mom. But, my denial of growing older aside, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to Mellisa and to all of the Mom's in my family! My Mom, Verne's Mom, my sister Sue, Mellisa's Mom Jan (not old enough to be a grandmother), my brother's wife Miwa, my sisiter Terri, My younger brother's wife Alice, and my sister Regina.

I also hope that anyone reading this remembers their Mom and whether she is still around to call or not, please wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Some of you may not be on the greatest terms with your Mom, don't let that stop you. Wish her a Happy Mother's Day anyway.

We are off to Aiken, SC to visit my sister Sue today. Maybe I can get some good photos of a quilt or two for me to show her wonderful creativity.

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