Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Update on Terri

Good morning,
Dad, Ben & our neighbor Luke went to visit Terri last night.  I had to make the tough decision to stay home & sleep.  I was totally physically exhausted.  I was asleep between 8:30 & 9 PM... and never heard the phone ring when my brother Rick called after 10... but I needed to take care of myself too.
But, on to the more important news... Terri was doing very well & in good spirits.  The surgery went well.  She was still in ICU (normal protocol) but should be moved to a regular room today.
I plan to go visit her after work this evening.
The outpouring of love & caring for Terri & our family has been astounding!  I knew she was well loved, but I guess I never really knew the vast extent.  Yes, I experienced it with Mom, but this time, it really hit home harder than then.  Maybe because of how fast this all happened & how fast everyone has rallied.
Yesterday, after one person offered to do what she can to help, I graciously accepted the offer & told her we would let her know.  Then, I said that if every person who had offered help in the last several days were to walk into our store, there would not be room for them all.  See what I mean?  ASTOUNDING!
All I can say is a heartfelt THANK YOU!!!
I will be updating on our store's blog & on our store's facebook page, as well as my own.  When I know more, and have the time to post, I will be posting my heart out!

PS: Terri is feeling well enough to be posting on facebook herself!

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