Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Large Mug - again!

I don't have much to write about this morning.  

All is going well with production of the large mug.  

I have not been able to get to the PO to ship out some things promised to people (wedding gift, prize, necklace...) because when I have the time, the PO is CLOSED!

I took this shot on Monday before Kathy picked up the FIRST first quality large mug to be finished!

As you can see, the wooden model is to the left, and the original mug is to the right.

Kathy was so pleased!  And that makes me feel good too!  I have the rest of them in production now for those who have been promised one or more.  The glaze on Kathy's seems to be the glaze of choice... ALL 6 that I need to make are the same color!

Well, back to production... I have to go consult this afternoon about my next dog/cat sitting job that starts Tuesday...


Carol Dean said...

Both mugs looks wonderful...but the large one is ESPECIALLY wonderful! :D You should be really pleased, Cindy.

Higgins Design Studio said...

Thanks CD... I am VERY pleased! Yours is in the next firing, probably the end of the week or beginning of next week.

Mishkat said...

Those are beautiful, Cindy - the color combination is great! Love the size and shape of that large mug.

P.S. No worries about the P.O. - I understand because I have a hard time finding time to go too - the lines are always so long at lunch hour and on Saturdays. (We have a P.O. within walking distance of my job, too, so I really should not complain, but I still do!)

jamberry_song said...

Oh, these are gorgeous! I can totally see how everyone would fall in love with that color scheme. :)

And thank you for your wonderful comment on my bead store post! If I'm ever in SC soon, I will definitely seek your store out. Your shop sounds like an awesome, friendly place that I would love. :) I live right outside of Buffalo, to answer your question. Alfred's not too too far! Small world, isn't it?