Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Adventure in Pet Sitting

Sandie & Cleo

I spent the last 3 nights pet & house-sitting... the pets are 2 Labs (Yellow & Black) and a bob-tailed indoor cat.

Sandie is the younger of the two Labs, and if you can believe it... she doesn't bark!  She has this muffled woof-ish sounding thing, but no real bark.  And she whines to get your attention.  But that being said, she is a sweetie.  She loves to be around you and has a soft silky coat, even at 2 years old.  But she definitely likes her beauty rest!

Cleo is 6, I think, and she is the Black beauty of a Lab.  Her attention-getting maneuver is to put her paw on your leg or to nuzzle her nose under your arm until you have to pet her.  She is the definite watch-dog of the family with her resounding bark.  But a real softie to those who know her.  

Eliza is the cat of the house... and she can head-butt you until you pet her too... great disposition.

There were also all of the birds out at the feeders...

The Mourning Dove perched atop the feeder roof...
This doesn't look like a Hummingbird...
Not to mention the deer... I didn't get a photo, but there's a doe and her two fawns and a buck as well that frequent the back yard.

I had a great time!

The sky on my way into work on Thursday... had to stop & take a pic!

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Mishkat said...

Sandie and Cleo and Eliza are all beautiful! And they are lucky to have such a nice pet sitter. It looks like they live in a very nice place too.