Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting off the New Year

This is a bracelet I designed for a class at The Mercantile. I was inspired by a totally different bracelet in a recent magazine. I was trying to modify and make it my own... this was the fourth and final attempt. It looks absolutely nothing like the bracelet that inspired me. I had no name for the bracelet when we made up the class schedule. Terri dubbed it the MMX bracelet (for the Roman numerals for 2010).
I have been a little creatively challenged the last several weeks. Partly because of all of the holiday hustle and bustle, then I had a sinus allergy that left me nearly voiceless for Christmas.
My mom had a biopsy on some nodules on her back and neck, that turned out to be breast cancer cells. She fought it 10 years ago, she's determined to fight it again. And yesterday we found out that the PET scan shows no signs of it being anywhere else. YAY!!!! (She goes to the Oncologist Monday to find out her treatment and treatment schedule... she has a cruise planned for early April!)
I have orders to fulfill with mugs, and a show to do at the end of the month. Saturday I hope the weather allows us to go to Atlanta for the Gift Market.
(Sorry my post rambles a bit... I'm tired and ready for bed... good night all!)
Hoping your 2010 is a wonderful year!

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