Sunday, January 24, 2010

Am I seeing things?

Last week I was moving a piece of furniture with a very low clearance, hence difficult to clean well underneath. There was a piece of paper that had been under it which had collected dust bunnies.
Can you please tell me what you see (besides dust bunnies on a piece of paper that is...)
I see a woman's profile... am I seeing things that aren't really there?
No, I don't plan on using it as inspiration for creativity, I was just amazed that I saw this. If it sparks your creativity, or clears the dust bunnies out of your creative thought pattern, great!
I have seen cartoon bears in the folds of a plastic grocery bag, dogs in the knots of a wooden floor, and I don't even remember what image I saw once in the kitty litter. (Yes, EEEEWWWWW!!!!) Not to mention the numerous cloud formations that bring to mind all sorts of things. No, I am not preserving it and auctioning it off on Ebay. It is long since sucked up into the vacuum! Do not call one of the gossip tabloids. I do not want a stream of gawkers knocking at the door to see the 'Dust Bunny Lady'. Show's over, Elvis has left the building, yada, yada, yada...

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Karen said...

I can see the woman. I also see a man (possible with a chef's hat) blowing a puff of smoke out and up into the air.

I also see a snake coming down and eating a worm... or maybe that a mouse's tail hanging out of its mouth. It's a mystery!