Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brrrrrr! (And a link to a give-away)

We had some icy/snowy weather here this weekend. I was doing a small show for the Electric City Shag Club in Clemson.
Though it is only 4 miles down the road, I ended up staying there, not knowing what the road conditions would be like. Thanks to friends for making sure I was safe.

The show went OK, about the same as I did last year, and, considering the economy, that is a good thing.
I really enjoy this show, there are so many wonderful members of the Electric City Shag Club and other Shag Clubs in the Southeast. It is so nice to see the familiar faces each year and I have made some good friends.
Now it is time to get some much needed rest... just waiting for my laundry to finish drying...

About that give-away...

February is my younger sister's family's 'Birth Month' celebration. She, her hubby and their Munchkin all have their birthdays in February. They celebrate every day with a small gift in the pockets of a wonderful quilt. She is doing a Birth Month Give-away on her blog, just stop by there to see how to enter. She has a photo of the quilt on there, it is so bright and colorful!

I hope to have some photos of some fun things coming up later this week.

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