Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy October

I am back from a whirlwind business trip to Orlando. We left Saturday morning, drove 10 hours straight through, spent Sunday at a trade show, and then drove back on Monday.

The most amazing sight on the trip was as we were loading the car for the trip home. We walked out of the hotel and heard this loud squawk, it was a Great Blue Heron. This was not uncommon, as we saw them from our room at the small lake in front of the hotel. What was amazing was that this Heron was perched on top of a street light! After he (for some reason I always call them 'he') caught our attention, he stretched his wings out and looked almost like he was showing off his beautiful wings and graceful neck. My camera was in the car. As I hurridly got the camera, I turned around and he was gone. Mom and Terri saw him up there too, so they can vouch for my sighting.
Unfortunately, we were unable to stay in Orlando to visit with our friends at
Bead Dreams on Sand Lake Road, it was raining and we wanted to get on the road home, they were not open yet. We wanted to visit with Demi & Ursula and also check out what wonderful goodies they have in their store. Maybe next time.

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