Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another generation of talent

When I first started this blog, I was talking about the talent in the family. The photo is of a nativity my nephew DragonBen made a couple of weeks ago.

He was sitting on Grandma's lap while she looked through one of the vendor's catalogs that carry nativities. (We like to get some new and different ones for the store each year.) He then hopped down and said he was going to make a nativity.

I will have to get a better photo taken so the details show better. He started with a BLANK piece of paper and a pair of scissors. He then cut out the shapes. Finally he drew in the details.

The stable is difficult to see well in the photo, but it has a star standing up at the front and it has a hole in the roof so the light can shine in on the baby Jesus. The baby is sucking his thumb and is seperate from the manger. The shepherd has his crook and the 3 kings are kneeling together.

This child will be 9 in January! His talents are incredible. But so are those of his cousins and the rest of the family. You can see some of my youngest sister's munchkin's talents here.

Friday, he made a South Carolina flag on a piece of blue paper with the palmetto tree cut out of white paper, as well as the crescent moon (photo to be placed on the store's blog). Then, he added a crab that resembles our Happy the Crafting Crab, up in the fronds of the palmetto tree.


Karen said...

Please tell Ben that his cousin Karen is very impressed with his talent. My favorite work of his will always be the drawing he created at our wedding rehearsal of Matthew and I standing by the alter as bride and groom. :)

Regina said...

Munchkin still carries his train bag nearly every day and wears his Dragon Boy shirt often.