Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Halloween is just around the corner.
I used to love Halloween and dressing up and the candy. I still have fun with Halloween.
I usually have a selection of pins that I wear leading up to Halloween. And sometimes I will dress up. Most of the time it might just be a cape or something, but I enjoy it.
When growing up we had a trunk that was full of costumes, most had been from ballet recitals, but others were made for Halloween specifically. We would mix & match and find something to suit our needs that year. It was fun. And with 6 of us, it was never dull.
We used to also grow pumpkins in our vegetable garden. One year in particular, we had lots & lots of pumpkins of all sizes & shapes. We carved a few and had those mainly by the front door, but we also painted a bunch of them and had them scattered throughout the rock garden along the front sidewalk.
I love Fall, with it's colorful leaves and the smells of apple or pumpkin pie (or Derby Pie...). But, then again, I love Winter, Spring & Summer too... all for their own unique reasons.
Right now, the thoughts of sitting snuggled inside a cozy mountain cabin with a roaring fire and plenty of food supplies sounds like a nice retreat.
But I have shows to prepare for. I need to get pottery to the Clemson Arts Center for their Holiday Show & Sale, I need to get pottery to the Blue Ridge Art Center for their show & sale, and I also need to finish pottery and cards for the Mistletoe market at the Anderson County Museum on November 14 & 15.
Now, if only we can find a replacement breaker so I can start firing the pottery in my new kiln!

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