Sunday, December 5, 2010

A labor of gratitude

I have been keeping busy.  Not getting as much pottery made as I would like to, but that is mainly an energy issue.

In among working and casting mugs, I made this wreath as a Thank You gift to the nursing staff and everyone on the Cancer floor at AnMed Hospital.  They took such wonderful care of Mom during her recent stay there.  

One of our wonderful customers brought us a beautiful Magnolia blossom that she had made.  2 days later, Mom was in the hospital.  I brought the blossom to her to keep on her night table, knowing it wouldn't wilt or need watering.  The staff loved it and could not believe that it was made out of balloons!

When Mom was released, I decided that I wanted to make them some Magnolias and give them directions to make them themselves.  After discussing it with Mom, we decided that making a wreath for them to display would be the best idea.

2 of the small Magnolia blossoms on the wreath

The completed wreath
So, off to the party store to buy white balloons.

With a little help from scissors, wire, unshelled almonds and floral tape, the blooms started to come into shape.  (I also made some Poinsettias from red balloons.)

We had this beautiful artificial mixed greens wreath and I added the blossoms, a few small ornaments and artificial berries, whipped out a big festive bow, and voila!

The photos are not the best, I am still having problems with lighting...  But, you get the idea.

I just need to finish writing the Thank You card (I made one last Saturday...) and get this delivered to them this week.

The instructions are all written, if you would like a copy, leave me a message with your email and I would be glad to share.

I need to take a photo of the Poinsettia (and the card) as well and add it here later so you can see how it looks.

Mom is getting stronger every day.  We miss having her at the store with us, but know that staying out of crowds and conserving her energy is best for her in the long-run.


Regina said...

These are gorgeous -what a great way to say "Thank You"

Anonymous said...

That turned out great! I love the smaller blossoms too. The store I went to only had one size balloon, I'm assuming you used smaller balloons for those. If you have the directions written out, could you email them to me please. I have several people who are interested in learning how to make them.

The nursing staff will love that wreath! What a wonderful idea that was to thank them.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


jamberry_song said...

What a gorgeous, thoughtful gift! I think they will adore the wreath. :) Their patients will, too.

I'd love a copy of the instructions. My email is jamberry_song at yahoo dot com.

Hope your mother continues to get better. ^__^ Happy holidays to you both!

jamberry_song said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!! :)