Friday, November 19, 2010

Suggestions anyone?

As I have been working on getting large mugs made for the people that have ordered them, as well as mugs for other orders, I have been thinking.  (I know, I better be careful, thinking can be dangerous!)

I would like to offer a little more diversity in my product.  I will keep the current items, and I will pull out some of my Victorian Hands that are just waiting to be fired, but I am looking for an idea of where to go next?

Another look at my booth at Mistletoe Market 2010
I have thought of several different things... a nice vase or two, a teapot (shorter and rounder than the coffee pot), I'd love to do plates (but haven't had too much luck with them in the past), beads, pendants, buttons, spoon rests, the list goes on (and on).  But I would like input from all of you out there as to what you think would be a good thing for me to add.

All suggestions are welcome, I value your opinions.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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