Friday, November 12, 2010

A little rambling goes a long way...

Mom is home now, and she is gaining strength.  Today is a little slower, because of the chemo side-affects kicking in.  But there is definite progress.

I have been exhausted these past couple of weeks.  I wasn't always able to go to visit in the hospital, because of either preparing for the show I went to last weekend, or teaching a class.

I am extremely grateful for my 2 older sisters helping to keep Mom company, as well as taking care of Dad.  I usually ended up being the one holding down the fort at the store.  

A Wire-wrapped Pendant I made - inspired by my late friend Lucia...
My niece and her husband came up for the weekend to visit as well, at one time we had 9 people in the hospital room visiting!  I am very lucky that the large family I am a member of is very close-knit.  We come together whenever we are needed.  Not always physically together, but definitely we are there for one another.  

While I was at the show, I met some new people and had a great time with some of my show friends.  I get so much satisfaction out of doing shows.  Making the pottery is my go-to activity when I need to creatively re-charge.  

Part of my booth on Saturday morning...
The stoneware display
Tomorrow I get to spend the day teaching a Calligraphy workshop.  I am trying to instill in the students the need to practice their pen-strokes, drawing the letters and not being worried about whether theirs looks like mine or the one in the book or not... consistency is the ultimate goal.  And we even get to have lunch from The Village Baker!  MMMMMMMM - MMMMMMM - GOOD!

I tried to call my FIL yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday, but the line was busy... I tried several times... and again today... busy signal.  I hope he knows that I love him and wish him many more birthdays to come (he just turned 85!)  My great-nephew also had his birthday yesterday... I can hardly believe he is 2 years old already!  And he is as adorable as his parents!

In a little over 2 weeks, I turn 50.  I am more than OK with that... age has never bothered me.  But, I was wondering if I should celebrate this mile-stone in some special way (other than having family here for Thanksgiving).  And if so - how?  Any ideas out there?  I can't promise you I'll be able to celebrate in the suggested way, but I am curious to hear what you think.  And please... keep it clean!

OK - enough rambling... off to take care of some pottery and other things that need attending to.


Regina said...

Celebrate the half century with a Half A Party... half a calzone, half a beverage, half a cake (!) :-)

Higgins Design Studio said...

I almost have half a mind to do that! ;~)

Anonymous said...

Choose one of your "someday" goals and just do it. Indulge in a pampering.........massage and/or pedicure. Bungee jump. Enjoy a senior discount somewhere!!

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your birthday! Love you!

jamberry_song said...

I didn't know you teach calligraphy! Sorry to hear about your mum, hope she's doing well. *hugs*

Yes, I am a writer, too. :) Not a joke! I wish it was. XD Glad to hear your show went well! Mine was near my town, it was in Cheektowaga, NY.
Was yours close by you? I like those because you don't have to go so far.

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Your booth and pottery look great. Have a lovely birthday. Definitely do something to pamper yourself! :)

Higgins Design Studio said...

Thanks everyone! One week to go and I am knowing that whatever I do special to celebrate will have to be on another day/night... working in retail, that Saturday is a busy one... and my nephew DragonBen is also having a scout ceremony that evening... which is worthy of celebration itself!