Sunday, February 21, 2010

Introducing Fred

You may remember me talking about Shadow, the cat we inherited that then adopted our neighbor. Well, Shadow is gone after a long and happy life. Now our neighbor has adopted a new kitten. The kit's name is Fred.
Fred was to be an indoor cat that went out sometimes... he has turned out to be an indoor cat that LOVES being outdoors, but comes in to take care of business...
One day, I was looking out the window in the sun room and thought I saw a rare White Squirrel in the tree. Some of the panes of the window are fogged, so I moved to see better and realized, it wasn't the White Squirrel at all (known to exist in Brevard, NC), but it was Fred.

Fred has taken a liking to perching in the TiTi tree to observe the bird feeder hanging there. I have seen him there almost daily since the first sighting.
I'm not sure he deters the birds too much though, I see them flitting around in the upper branches teasing him... and if they were on the feeder, I don't think he could reach them. Sometimes he looks as though he may be curled up in the branches to take a nap.

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