Monday, March 2, 2009

His Art teacher says he's talented!

This is DragonBen and his watercolor painting.
His painting was one of 5 chosen from his school to be on exhibit for National Youth Art Month. All of the schools (public, private and home) in Anderson County were displayed at the Anderson Arts Center Warehouse (a gallery).
The opening of the show was yesterday and we went in the rain/snow/sleet mix. There was a wonderful turnout despite the weather.
We are so very proud of DragonBen and his talents.
And I bet he has no school today because of the snow! I have not checked. They are listing colleges on TV right now...
(The title of this post is a modification of the saying on the t-shirts the young artists could buy 'My art teacher says I'm talented'... and they were the only ones who could buy them.)

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