Sunday, March 15, 2009

Challenged by color

This past month we had a challenge for the Hole in The Bead Gang, it was due today. And, although I had a whole month to come up with something and make it, I did my usual, and made it this afternoon.
The challenge was a color challenge. We had to work with Yellow, Orange and/or Black. Since Yellow and Orange do not fall in my usual color palette, I decided to go the Black route. I had found this bead a friend gave me and I had a strand of 6mm round black beads, to which I added Copper (my Orange) and voila! To set it off, I covered an old jewelry gift box from JCP with yellow and orange paper and ribbon with copper ink accents.
OK, my photo isn't the greatest, but at least I met the challenge and am posting to show you I did it.
For next month the challenge is to make something monochromatic.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Bet the monochromatic challenge will be much easier, unless you can't use black or purple.....your two favorites!!


Anonymous said...

purple = classy = cool = your work

Higgins Design Studio said...

Thanks! : )