Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sun & Sea Creative Bead Chat Challenge 2012

I have been part of a group on facebook called Creative Bead Chat.  Bead lovers from all over share their creations and tips and all sorts of things.  They are a wonderful support group, personally as well as creatively.
I was chosen by to be one of the recipients of the beads for the Sun & Sea challenge.

Here is what I started with.  I pulled together some things I thought would go well with the ceramic, polymer, shell, copper & glass I was provided with.
My own textured & patina'd copper sheet & wire with the challenge goodies.
 The first item I made is this double strand copper necklace & earring set.
I took 1/3 of the sheet of copper & made it into charms.  The bail of the donut is embellished peyote stitch.  The copper ear wires are hand made by me.  The beautiful copper clasp provided is on the back of this piece.
Ocean Breezes

Ocean Breezes Earrings
 This bangle was next.
Shell We Dance

 Adding some pearls, aquamarine & sponge coral helped set-off the beautiful components provided.
On The Boardwalk
 The glass beads were beautiful enough that I wanted to spotlight them on these hoops.
I had so much fun creating with the items supplied by some very talented bead artisans.

My pottery is still my first love, but beads and creating things with them come in a fairly close second.

Thank you to all who organized this challenge!  And thank you to all of the others who have participated.

Feel free to comment below, I won't know what you think (good, ambivalent or bad) unless you do.  And, I don't bite!

Please visit the other blogs that have participated in the challenge.

Most of all, have fun!


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

What a great job! Love all your creations. I'd wear those earrings all the time. Classic!

Higgins Design Studio said...

Which pair? I really love the copper ones myself... maybe I'll wear those today...

Marla James said...

WOW!!!! Simple Awesome Creations!!!!

Marla James said...

WOW! I love all of these pieces!

YaY! Jewelry said...

Okay I love what you did with those oval mother of pearl beads. I had those also and they presented quite the challenge for me. Great out of the box thinking!!!!!!! I also loved the composition of your first necklace. Beautiful work....inspiring!

Alice said...

While I'm unable to read the print on my computer (the purple does not show against that black on my screen) I'm loving all the pieces you made. I especially like the wire wrapped bracelet with the MOP pearls.

Lea Avroch said...

Finding it difficult to read too, but enjoying all the eye candy.

Higgins Design Studio said...

I went in and tweaked the font color to a paler shade of lavender... I hope that helps.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments!

Patti Van said...

I agree - the copper ring earrings are fantastic! These are all beautiful - but that bangle bracelet is simply awesome - so beautiful! Nice job!

Higgins Design Studio said...

Thank you everyone! The bangle was a challenge, it almost was torn apart. My friend Kathy suggested adding the single free water pearl &the that was the key. I may change it to a cuff, should I decide to well it. The bangle is a bit more limited, size wise.
I had the greatest time with this challenge. Now, the challenge is to figure pricing... my least favorite part of creating!

Anonymous said...

I won a pair of your earrings in the Creative Bead Chat and got them today. They are so beautiful! Thank you :)