Friday, March 5, 2010

Inspiration has returned!!!!!

This past week I entered 2 'pieces' of artwork in a small first-time show to benefit people who have little or no insurance to cover chemotherapy at the AnMed Health Cancer Center Infusion Center in Anderson, SC.

One of the 'pieces' I entered was the Victorian Vineyard vase and the other was an ebony porcelain coffee set similar to the one in this photo. The one I entered had 2 mugs, a sugar/creamer set and a coffee pot. The lid of the pot and the rim of the mugs were glazed in a mottled chocolate brown.

Last night was the opening reception for the show. I attended; and when I arrived, my friend Melanie was eager to show me that my Coffee set had won a blue ribbon, AND it had sold! The woman who purchased it works at the hospital.

I went back today to bring a riser to place the vase on top of and the Coffee set was gone. The gal in there told me that the woman who purchased it wanted it so badly she took it already!

I happened to be there when Mom & Terri were looking over the show as well (after Mom's chemo treatment) and they asked if I could bring in another set for the remainder of the show (it is a 2 week show), she said yes. So, I hope to send one over there on Monday morning.

Terri also entered a mixed media assemblage in a shadowbox with the quote "Leave room in your garden for angels to dance". It was exceptionally well received by all! Her garden was 3-dimensional and the angel was only about 3/4" tall - - all cut out of paper! If I could figure out how to copy her photo from Facebook to here, I would, but that is a little beyond my capabilities...

When I posted the news and photo on my Facebook page, I got a lot of positive feedback, even some purchase inquiries!

Then, today, in the mail, was the official acceptance letter for the Celebrate Clayton festival in Clayton, GA at the end of April. It will be the 4th year for me to do that show.

Needless to say, with all of the positive vibes these last 24 hours, motivation and inspiration are back!

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