Sunday, August 30, 2009

a busy week

This last week was sure a busy one! Mom & Terri both needed time off because they were not feeling well, but we also had lots of customers as well.
This is one of the cards I designed for the class I had Saturday morning. The girls loved it! This is my favorite of the 4 we made. But, Lilies are among my favorite kinds of flowers... (These cards are more for hand-delivery or sending inside a package... the PO would ruin them otherwise!)
I'm looking forward to a quiet Sunday. I plan to get some pottery worked on and some test pieces of the new Terra Cotta trimmed for firing in a day or two.
I'd like to get some photos scanned and saved into the computer. But, we'll see what time and energy allow for today.

I'm focusing my mind's eye on a quiet lakeside cabin with a wonderful workspace, birds singing, water lapping at the shore... a place conducive to creativity... no, I am not at that quiet cabin, but if I imagine hard enough, I can be , in my mind...

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