Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Jubilee

OK - so this is a lousy photo - but it shows my small display at my friend Mike's storefront for Spring Jubilee. I still have plenty at The Mercantile also. The photo is lousy partly because of the putrid green wall behind it, as well as the fact that the bright afternoon sun was streaming in through the window. And my simple digital is not equipped with the fancy bells and whistles to filter the sun. (Nothing can filter the green!)
Mike rented the storefront to sell his jewelry and offered me a space for my pottery. You can't see them in this photo but my friend Jo has some of her art quilt wall hangings there also. She has some better photos, as well as pics of her quilts on her blog.
Hope you can join us for Jubilee! It starts officially in 6 hours!


PurrPrints said...

Cool stuff--best of luck--don't worry, your stuff looks great, green wall and all :)

Higgins Design Studio said...

The show didn't do all that well for my pottery. Mike sold lots of jewelry and Jo sold at least one quilt. At our family's store wew did great business...