Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coffee Anyone?

Here is the first successfully poured coffee pot! (It now has been trimmed, glazed & fired successfully.)

It was a very emotional event since I have not been able to make them for 12 years.

I unloaded two of them from the kiln about 7:15 yesterday morning and brought them to the Mistletoe Market at the Museum. I have not sold them (yet), but there has been a great amount of positive reaction to them. The show continues today. There was a wonderful turn out last night, despite the rain. Hopefully today will be the same. The damp weather may drive some of the Clemson Homecoming crowd out to shop instead of sitting in the stadium.
I've also included a photo of my booth at the show. I tweaked it a bit after the photo, and I turned on the lamp, but it gives you a bit of an idea.
I am posting this at 6-something this morning because I have to be back at the show by 8 (a 20 minute drive) and if I wasn't doing something to keep me awake, I might fall back asleep and over sleep.
PS - The show went great, although nobody bought the coffee pot. I do have a couple of people interested anyway. But I will start making more tomorrow.

1 comment:

Regina said...

Love the booth -very striking!
Surprised you used purple - NOT!!!